Thursday, May 28, 2009

i had the grooviest dream last night.

maybe i am a sleepaholic afterall. especially between 6:00ish and 9:00

i was on a diving holiday. backpacker style accommodation but with all my good scuba gear (unlike last holiday)

i'm in the late starting group, but i'm first out of bed for this group, and it's still really early, like 6:30 - 7:00am, and i walk out the back door down to a wooden diving deck. i look out over a clear lake surrounded by a forest of trees with not much growth down low, wierd bark, not smooth like a eucalypt, more like a thin sappy prickly trunk, irregularly spaced with pine needles or something on the ground, brown from being there awhile.

the water is just magically clear, it must be very deep. clouds and clouds of bubbles coming up from the divers below. it must be at least 30 metres deep for the bubbles to be coming up in this particular pattern. you can see the individual diver's bubbles but they are spread right out. and though it's surrounded by forest, the sky is also visible very low, the water almost blends into the sky, it's not very bright, a bit grey, but not gloomy, it almost looks like the bubbles are bubbling up into the sky.

for some reason i'm solo on my first dive. i hit the bottom at 29 metres, in a wreck, it's pretty blissful, but i'm peaking a bit because i'm solo and not got redundant gear. then the whole dream kinda blurs into changing to my twinset (double tanks) and diving with another person on the holiday who is a little inexperienced, but that's ok, she's fairly competent, and i'll babysit her for a few dives so we can get back to the wreck for the cooler stuff.

i really loved the image of the bubbles coming up, a cloud curtain visible down to 5-10 metres, and almost bubbling up into the atmosphere. the sky was grey but the water was clear. oh yeah, i remember, and it was warm. i was diving in a wetsuit instead of my drysuit and it was so warm and comfortable, maybe 20 degrees C.

a very blissfull dream, made me feel pretty mellow :-)

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