Saturday, April 11, 2009

jackie chan is the most

Thursday, April 09, 2009

it's hard going through life with the attention span of a goldfish.

watching one of my favourite movies. big wednesday.a surfing movie set in the vietnam times in the united states of america.

one thing that really annoys me. old people (hell i'm 40 so factor that in). old people, leaders, can cause national subscription, send young people to fight wars. wars that are probably ill fought out political bullshit.

one of the revolutions in the war thingy, was the gun. instead of having to train an archer or a warrior for 15 years, you gave a peasant a firestick and a pocketfull of fire, next thing you know, you've got an army.

that's not the thing that annoys me though. the thing that really really annoys me is that the gun is good for any age dickhead to use and kill people with. in my opinion, the only people that should have to go to war, are those of the same age as the person who decided they should go to war. if you vote for war, you go, your family, your wife, your children and your friends, and if anyone else has to go, first are your age group. i don't give a fuck how old. the older the better. the children should get to play, to surf, make love, drink and act badly, travel the world and meet people. only old crusty farts should have to make war.


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