Tuesday, January 06, 2009

looks like i've been unsuccessful groovers.

i have never come this close to being in a relationship, without actually being in one. i thought i was over relationships, and i was, i'm hopeless at them. which is probably highlighted by this...

oh well. one friend richer, and still single.

i am such a fussy prick, fair dinkum, i do get some offers, and if anyone ever asked me what i looked for in my perfect woman, i would say that i have no clue. just check out exhibit a, b and c. a and b i managed to stuffup, c, is probably the girl i have been most attracted to, um, ever? it's funny, when you're riding the emotional wave, and you're at the longing for bit, then it's always the most :-)

this chicky babe though, drop dead gorgous, great sense of humour, nearly as kooky and unco as me (ok kooky yes, unco no) loves to walk around barefoot anywhere, loves doing stuff i like doing, did i say gorgeous? blue eyes that make me, well when i see them and the eyelashes do the eyelashes thing, it's best i didn't see that when driving. an amazing smile that makes everyone smile.

when i got divorced, apart from the usual rebound thingy where i wanted to marry anything and everything, i was determined to stay single forever. especially the last 5-6 years. but now, for this bird, i'd change my life.

which is funny :-) life is a bit complicated for her, she thought she was leaving a relationship, unwillingly, and then he changed his mind

sucks to be me :-) oh well

so, apart from now when i've had too many beers (surprise surprise) i'm pretty much stuck in my shell until i'm over it. not too much longer. every time i catch myself moping i kinda give myself a bit of a mental kick in the backside and tell myself to get over it.

summer. had a coupla surfs, i've had a few skis, my arms are probably 3 inches longer i've been out so often this week :-) i love summer, i love the heat. i love to sweat, swim, surf, ski, check out the cute chickies (ok, 30+ chickies now, whatever)

blah blah de blah :-)

catchya later groovers

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