Wednesday, October 22, 2008

spring is here. along with the hormone changes i somehow managed to miss out on the last few years.

i love summer, i love the heat, i love checking out cute chicks, but now, it seems, i am also unable to checkout the cute chicks without lusting after all of them. unlike in the past when i was able to admire beautiful ladies from a distance, now i feel compelled to get close.

they are all so beautiful and lovely

which is a bit of a quandary. i'm not a people person, i really suck at relationships but i am now compelled to embarrass myself in order to get closer to this absolute doll that has captured my imagination.

a friend of mine once said, and i quote "you're girl crazy, stacy!" and i suspect that despite while i denied it feverishly at the time, she was exactly correct. at least now though i have a beautiful single lady who is the object of my affections, and that's dulling the edge of the pangs of longing that this goddess who works where i work is causing. when i first started working for this company 20 years ago, i had a crush on this girl, rudely squashed when i found she was betrothed and left soon after to raise a family. she came back, and one day wasn't wearing a wedding ring, and i put 2 and 2 together, and came up with about 17. though i've since been reassured that she is still happily married, i am completely unable to walk and think at the same time if this bird walks past.

however, i've seen her twice in the last couple of days and not come grinding to my usual brain dead halt, which is nice, and i suspect it's because this other lady has taken my heart.

does this happen to everyone?

in any case, i'm really glad that i can now view said goddess and say hi and smile and not feel obliged to have a cold shower and a bit of a sit down. but, this other lady has taken her place rather convincingly. and now is the time for dribble...

body language, i know nothing about it. we (that is said beautiful lady and myself) were part of a group on an excursion through wogalong. i thought at the time that i was a bit blatant taking every opportunity to be near her while being tactful and stuff. now i'm thinking that tactful is a waste of time. 2 of my friends were also on the same excursion, and it appears i was as subtle as a road accident (normal) though i didn't notice.
i also thought that she was keeping her distance, but my friends (one lady one guy) said that her body language was actually good.
dribble dribble
they said that she was interested, paying attention, and was looking at where i was (and not as in "where is the retarded stalker")

not many more installments on this. i just really really need to let something out. enraptured and completely lost. until i am either successful (unlikely) or get shot down in flames (more likely) i am completely unable to think of everything else. gonna be a long 2 weeks

dealing with the objects of our affections. i had previously thought i was very hopeless at this, and i was right. fortunately it seems the ladies who are the objects of our affection, don't mind complete ugly idiots embarrassing themselves. at least, i frigging hope so!

wish me luck groovers! i'm gonna need it. who'd a thought, up till a coupla months ago i was happy to be single until i died, now i'm a shot duck


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