Sunday, January 28, 2007

this was one of those weekends that makes me love life, and want to put the inventor of the bikini on my christmas card list.

the other deckie and i spent the entire weekend grinning at each other as we enjoyed helping some lovely ladies into and out of their scuba equipment.

the weather wasn't perfect, the water was a bit cold, and the visibility was terrible, but they had a great time, and partied hard. dive 2000, still my favourite group on the boat. my liver isn't thanking me, nor my voice. partying, singing and dancing last night and having a great time. 3 days of giggling and enjoying ourselves.

i've gotta be doing more in my life to enjoy my time like this

Thursday, January 18, 2007

i had this thought about making my house more energy efficient, and better for the environment etc...

solar panels on the roof. ok, not that original i hear you say. even though i want to hook it up to the grid, apparently you can sell energy to the electricity firms as well.

then i was thinking about storing it too. only batteries aren't too pleasant on the environment either. so i had a little think. what do batteries do? they store energy. so how about instead of charging up batteries, i use the electricity i generate to lift a big weight off the ground. during the night when i need electricity i let the weight come down and run a generator. only the weight needs to be filled with something heavy, so i thought i'd fill it up with batteries....

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