Wednesday, December 27, 2006

well xmas came and went, boxing day as well.

i picked a yacht (maximus) for the sydney to hobart, but the bloody thing has retired already, my brother's pick (wild oats xi) is still running, so i've switched to skandia. hopefully it will keep going and not turn left (port) and head to Kiwi land.

boxing day was good, if tiring. up early, well not that early, but i was hungover, to get dad's boat and hook up with some mates of mine for a bit of a ski. that morning (after getting the boat) they rang to tell me i didn't need dad's boat after all as we didn't have enough people.

so i run around and drop it off and the 4 of us went out in the one boat. i couldn't find my sunblock, and, having the attention span of a goldfish, completely forgot to get some on the way. and now i'm a bit sunburnt. doh!

had fun skiing though. amused all with my attempts at beach starting, and my deep water starts are worse than ever. bleah! the owner just had one ski and was stuffed, the other lad had two and was suffering a bit after a 7/10 stack, and i was stuffed too, but i couldn't resist the temptation for a 3rd ski. shit, only live once, bring it on. out first time and my turns were, well, less bad than before anyway. after that i was stuffed but felt fantastic. i never know when i'll get another ski so i punish myself as much as i can, while i can.

tomorrow i will be sore

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