Saturday, December 30, 2006

well i've just been to my first rodeo. saw more big belt buckles and funny hats than you can poke a big stick at, but it was pretty good. there is no way in the wide world i would do any of that stuff. i can't stand horses. and as for that cow wrestling stuff, wouldn't it be easier to knock them over with a landcruiser?

one of the lads i know from soccer was one of the crazy people who get help the guys after the bulls have ejected them. i wouldn't get in there even if i had a full suit of armour i reckon. maybe if i was driving a tank.

however i don't have any inclination to buy big belt buckles, cowboy hats or any more westy shirts than i already have. the funniest two fashion statements i think were a guy who had the belt buckle, cowboy hat, checked shirt, and his pants were falling down all the time. the pants falling down is some kinda wierd fashion my son subscribes to as well. the other was some lady who obviously thought paris hilton was a flashy dresser and was dressed like her. very scarey

however, as much as i love takin the piss, it was a fun afternoon/evening and i'd probably go again

avagood new years groovers

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