Sunday, December 10, 2006

well it's been a big weekend. and it ain't over yet.

after a fair to shithouse friday i caught up with some mates at the pub for friday arvo drinks. ended up sitting in a spa having a few quiet drinks at 11:00. very relaxing ;-)

saturday was much more groovy. we had water skiing and a fancy dress xmas party for work planned. after getting the boat and finding the battery was stuffed, i ran around like a blue arsed fly getting a new battery and filling it with fuel to be ready for a reasonably late start. then ran around again with my usual last second fancy dress organisation.

skiing was good. i'm starting to try a bit harder and had a few good stacks. one guy just learned to ski on two skis and had a few funny stacks, the best though was when we turned around and he ended up just starting to move out onto the whip and fell. he fell out of his skis and landed on his back, skipped like a skipping stone, flipped over, and landed on his back again. i think he tumbled 4-5 times before he finally stopped. we were crying from laughing so much. skiing season. bring it on!

about the only thing i did right for the fancy dress was getting someone organised early on to do my hair. last thing saturday i was running around the shops looking for some daggy pants for my yahoo serious outfit. the theme was 80's actors and singers. finally found some that were close-ish and got my hair done and sprayed it orange-red. the kids were amused anyway.

the night was huge. the costumes were awesome. and i got home at around 2:00am. then i had to have about 30 mins in the shower to get my hair back to normal.

tomorrow, eastern creek :-)

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