Thursday, December 07, 2006

well, after promising myself this morning as i wearily dragged myself out of bed, that i'd get an early night. i made the mistake of texting a friend of mine to see how her headache was going, i knew she was a little stressed, and we've probably spent the last hour to-ing and fro-ing with txt messages. maybe i shoulda just rang. but i'm a lot more loquacious with text, that backspace key works a treat let me tell you.

dunno if i helped. but i really hope so. she's a really nice person, but has low self esteem (well she's not robinson crusoe there) and gives too much weight to the opinions of her mum and sister. they're nice enough people, for back stabbing psychopaths ;-)

we got trounced at soccer again tonight. but it was fun. i scored the most beautiful goal of my life. right place at the right time, lots of talk, called a player to pass, to another, and him to look up and pass to me. i could hear another player behind me calling me to dummy, but maybe the force took over, it just said to me, hit the ball just once, just like this, and it curled away from the keeper just inside the post.

one of our players "big willie" scored a bit of an easy goal, and as he subbed off (you score, you sub) he pretended to do some kind of rap dance spin around on the ground thingy.

actually the rules are simple. you score, you sub off. you miss an easy shot and put it over the top, you sub off. if someone scores between your legs, thats two points hehehe

first half, 3-0 against us. second half 3-3. doh!

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