Thursday, December 14, 2006

morons and idjits

i did have some happy xmassy post thingy, but i've lost it

what is with some people. tonight was some drinks at work, after work, then they went to the local pub. only i've gotta play soccer (scored a goal too! only i caused one against us as well, oops!) so after the game i go home, shower, and hook up with the survivors at the pub.

we're having some drinks, having some fun, good natured banter etc... and one lady is obviously under the weather, she heads for the ladies to talk to the porcelain bus. i scout out a guardian angel to go in after her, and after about 15 mins i give up and go in as well. all is good. out she comes and we herd her out the front to wait for a taxi. eventually it comes and my moron mates, when i re-enter the pub, are singing drunken crap about this lady. which they also were when i helped her out. at least she never heard it.

i won't go too deeply into detail, but at one of these mates i nursemaided while he was off his scone when some fuckwit gave him a couple of hash cookies (i wasn't there when he ate them) at byron bay once. when i got back from visiting my cousin (i'm from that area) i spent the next 8 hours listening to him gibber and watching over his body while he slept it off in the surfclub garden at byron bay.

when one of your mates needs help, you give it. you can embarass the boys later, but leave the gurls alone, at least a little bit. and when the shit is still spraying off the fan, use an umbrella, not a microphone.

we didn't embarrass this boy afterwards (well i woulda known better, i guess everyone screws up though) but this bird has had her heart wrenched, got pissed, and wheels fell off.

made me feel like shit anyway. everyone fucks up. hell, i fuckup repeatedly, maybe thats why i'm so sympathetic.

i ain't religious. karma, heaven, hell, and buddhist wheel of life has no interest for me. but if there's one thing i'd like to pass onto my kids, is that everyone fucks up. so give people some slack, your turn is just around the corner.

be nice, be friendly, play hard and laugh it off. if you ain't big enough to laugh off being smacked to the ground playing wog-ball, then play ping-pong (thats another story).

yet another post that doesn't quite make a point....

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