Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i find it amusing, in a twisted kind of way, that i was actually looking forward to going to work last week and while i didn't think that i was on top of things, i felt more enthusiastic about tackling things than i had in ages.

then the flu hit me. or maybe i was sick anyway to be feeling like that.

we went to the track monday, it was a fun day, but it was hot. ended up being around 41 degrees. we'd do our 20 minutes, then come in, strip off, and drink a couple of litres of water. i'm going faster than before, but working a lot harder for it. i don't think it's as fun, but my competitive side seems to come out a little and i push myself each time.

after that it kinda varied. wednesday the flu hit me, but by lunch i felt ok and went in to get some work done. thursday i felt fine. yay, over it. friday morning i was in bed all day, and most of the weekend. bleah.

wake up monday, feel ok, go to work, home by 9:30. this sucks

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