Saturday, December 30, 2006

well i've just been to my first rodeo. saw more big belt buckles and funny hats than you can poke a big stick at, but it was pretty good. there is no way in the wide world i would do any of that stuff. i can't stand horses. and as for that cow wrestling stuff, wouldn't it be easier to knock them over with a landcruiser?

one of the lads i know from soccer was one of the crazy people who get help the guys after the bulls have ejected them. i wouldn't get in there even if i had a full suit of armour i reckon. maybe if i was driving a tank.

however i don't have any inclination to buy big belt buckles, cowboy hats or any more westy shirts than i already have. the funniest two fashion statements i think were a guy who had the belt buckle, cowboy hat, checked shirt, and his pants were falling down all the time. the pants falling down is some kinda wierd fashion my son subscribes to as well. the other was some lady who obviously thought paris hilton was a flashy dresser and was dressed like her. very scarey

however, as much as i love takin the piss, it was a fun afternoon/evening and i'd probably go again

avagood new years groovers

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

well xmas came and went, boxing day as well.

i picked a yacht (maximus) for the sydney to hobart, but the bloody thing has retired already, my brother's pick (wild oats xi) is still running, so i've switched to skandia. hopefully it will keep going and not turn left (port) and head to Kiwi land.

boxing day was good, if tiring. up early, well not that early, but i was hungover, to get dad's boat and hook up with some mates of mine for a bit of a ski. that morning (after getting the boat) they rang to tell me i didn't need dad's boat after all as we didn't have enough people.

so i run around and drop it off and the 4 of us went out in the one boat. i couldn't find my sunblock, and, having the attention span of a goldfish, completely forgot to get some on the way. and now i'm a bit sunburnt. doh!

had fun skiing though. amused all with my attempts at beach starting, and my deep water starts are worse than ever. bleah! the owner just had one ski and was stuffed, the other lad had two and was suffering a bit after a 7/10 stack, and i was stuffed too, but i couldn't resist the temptation for a 3rd ski. shit, only live once, bring it on. out first time and my turns were, well, less bad than before anyway. after that i was stuffed but felt fantastic. i never know when i'll get another ski so i punish myself as much as i can, while i can.

tomorrow i will be sore

Monday, December 25, 2006

brekkie with the kiddies, pressies, went for a surf but it was too flat

merry xmas groovers. avagoodone!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i find it amusing, in a twisted kind of way, that i was actually looking forward to going to work last week and while i didn't think that i was on top of things, i felt more enthusiastic about tackling things than i had in ages.

then the flu hit me. or maybe i was sick anyway to be feeling like that.

we went to the track monday, it was a fun day, but it was hot. ended up being around 41 degrees. we'd do our 20 minutes, then come in, strip off, and drink a couple of litres of water. i'm going faster than before, but working a lot harder for it. i don't think it's as fun, but my competitive side seems to come out a little and i push myself each time.

after that it kinda varied. wednesday the flu hit me, but by lunch i felt ok and went in to get some work done. thursday i felt fine. yay, over it. friday morning i was in bed all day, and most of the weekend. bleah.

wake up monday, feel ok, go to work, home by 9:30. this sucks

Sunday, December 17, 2006

well now i'm feeling fantabularse.

the flu has been bringing me down. been on top of the world for ages, but the last week i've been ill and on my own. i think i've worked out what makes me feel groovy, it's having the kids around. they are the crazy boost from hell.

i used to be ok to be on my own, but this last week i've been alone a bit, and i guess when you're feeling down is when you need company the most. or maybe it's just me. or maybe i realised how much i like having them around.

had a few beers (not the brightest when you've got the flu, thought it would knock me out) and watched a movie called grandma's boy. it's a frickken craic. so now i'm feeling good and only missing the kids a bit. i guess i gotta get used to that. they'll be flying from the nest pretty soon.

i hate bein away from them and i love having them around. but it's not so exciting for them, at their age they need speed and life and excitement and all at once. hanging around watchin telly, isn't so exciting, skiing doesn't seem to be turning them on, maybe it's back to surfing.

i hate feelin crook. it's summer for chrissake. it's time for surfing and skiing. gimme surf and gimme speed

i'll tell ya another thing, it's easy when you've had a few, to be honest with yourself. their mum is as cute as a basketfull of kittens, i'll probably never truly be over her, but i don't care, she's a beautiful lady with a good heart. she fell out of love with me and i can't blame her for that. what was, is over. such is life. i accept that. hell, i'm trying to tell her to meet new guys and have fun. we don't live forever.

we've made our peace and now we're mates. and her kids i'll treat as mine forever. i always gave them the option, they can call me dad or call me by name, but i'll always be their friends.

do you ever let go of past loves? maybe it's just a family thing. once you've been accepted into the family, or maybe it's just our family, we never let go. all you have to do is ask. for my family, my friends, anyone we accept into the circle, at least a few of us will look after you forever. we aren't perfect, but i like to think i look after my friends. and what is more precious than friends...

postnote thingy: i was gonna edit or delete the whole damned thing this morning. obviously i was onna beer high but i figure getting drunk and being maudlin is just part of what makes me up

Thursday, December 14, 2006

morons and idjits

i did have some happy xmassy post thingy, but i've lost it

what is with some people. tonight was some drinks at work, after work, then they went to the local pub. only i've gotta play soccer (scored a goal too! only i caused one against us as well, oops!) so after the game i go home, shower, and hook up with the survivors at the pub.

we're having some drinks, having some fun, good natured banter etc... and one lady is obviously under the weather, she heads for the ladies to talk to the porcelain bus. i scout out a guardian angel to go in after her, and after about 15 mins i give up and go in as well. all is good. out she comes and we herd her out the front to wait for a taxi. eventually it comes and my moron mates, when i re-enter the pub, are singing drunken crap about this lady. which they also were when i helped her out. at least she never heard it.

i won't go too deeply into detail, but at one of these mates i nursemaided while he was off his scone when some fuckwit gave him a couple of hash cookies (i wasn't there when he ate them) at byron bay once. when i got back from visiting my cousin (i'm from that area) i spent the next 8 hours listening to him gibber and watching over his body while he slept it off in the surfclub garden at byron bay.

when one of your mates needs help, you give it. you can embarass the boys later, but leave the gurls alone, at least a little bit. and when the shit is still spraying off the fan, use an umbrella, not a microphone.

we didn't embarrass this boy afterwards (well i woulda known better, i guess everyone screws up though) but this bird has had her heart wrenched, got pissed, and wheels fell off.

made me feel like shit anyway. everyone fucks up. hell, i fuckup repeatedly, maybe thats why i'm so sympathetic.

i ain't religious. karma, heaven, hell, and buddhist wheel of life has no interest for me. but if there's one thing i'd like to pass onto my kids, is that everyone fucks up. so give people some slack, your turn is just around the corner.

be nice, be friendly, play hard and laugh it off. if you ain't big enough to laugh off being smacked to the ground playing wog-ball, then play ping-pong (thats another story).

yet another post that doesn't quite make a point....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

well it's been a big weekend. and it ain't over yet.

after a fair to shithouse friday i caught up with some mates at the pub for friday arvo drinks. ended up sitting in a spa having a few quiet drinks at 11:00. very relaxing ;-)

saturday was much more groovy. we had water skiing and a fancy dress xmas party for work planned. after getting the boat and finding the battery was stuffed, i ran around like a blue arsed fly getting a new battery and filling it with fuel to be ready for a reasonably late start. then ran around again with my usual last second fancy dress organisation.

skiing was good. i'm starting to try a bit harder and had a few good stacks. one guy just learned to ski on two skis and had a few funny stacks, the best though was when we turned around and he ended up just starting to move out onto the whip and fell. he fell out of his skis and landed on his back, skipped like a skipping stone, flipped over, and landed on his back again. i think he tumbled 4-5 times before he finally stopped. we were crying from laughing so much. skiing season. bring it on!

about the only thing i did right for the fancy dress was getting someone organised early on to do my hair. last thing saturday i was running around the shops looking for some daggy pants for my yahoo serious outfit. the theme was 80's actors and singers. finally found some that were close-ish and got my hair done and sprayed it orange-red. the kids were amused anyway.

the night was huge. the costumes were awesome. and i got home at around 2:00am. then i had to have about 30 mins in the shower to get my hair back to normal.

tomorrow, eastern creek :-)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

well, after promising myself this morning as i wearily dragged myself out of bed, that i'd get an early night. i made the mistake of texting a friend of mine to see how her headache was going, i knew she was a little stressed, and we've probably spent the last hour to-ing and fro-ing with txt messages. maybe i shoulda just rang. but i'm a lot more loquacious with text, that backspace key works a treat let me tell you.

dunno if i helped. but i really hope so. she's a really nice person, but has low self esteem (well she's not robinson crusoe there) and gives too much weight to the opinions of her mum and sister. they're nice enough people, for back stabbing psychopaths ;-)

we got trounced at soccer again tonight. but it was fun. i scored the most beautiful goal of my life. right place at the right time, lots of talk, called a player to pass, to another, and him to look up and pass to me. i could hear another player behind me calling me to dummy, but maybe the force took over, it just said to me, hit the ball just once, just like this, and it curled away from the keeper just inside the post.

one of our players "big willie" scored a bit of an easy goal, and as he subbed off (you score, you sub) he pretended to do some kind of rap dance spin around on the ground thingy.

actually the rules are simple. you score, you sub off. you miss an easy shot and put it over the top, you sub off. if someone scores between your legs, thats two points hehehe

first half, 3-0 against us. second half 3-3. doh!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

swings and roundabouts

well today was definitely the roundabouts. or maybe the parked cars and i was the bulldog.

coupla records set. yesterday i thought was a record. it was past 12:30 before i hated my job. today was a new record too, by 9:00 i was ready to punch some prick and quit

so rather than moan on and on about my shithouse job. perhaps indicating my complete lack of ability to deal with it. i'll show some photos instead :-)

our lead rider going through turn 2, not too much different from me, but look at his entry. very nice

likewise going through turn 4 isn't greatly more leaned over, check out the lean angle coming in. i'm still cleaning my teeth and finding my socks. hehehehe

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