Wednesday, November 29, 2006

some dumb pics from eastern creek. turns out the guy i thought was on a gsxr1000 was on a yamaha. actually now that i look more closely he's probably on a frikken 600. which explains why it was so easy to blow him off down the straight, although i'd like to think that even though i wasn't draggin my knee around the corners, that i kept up with him ok around the corner bits. but then, i'm on slicks and he's on treads. unfortunately he was only out for that one session, at least in my group. i would have enjoyed sparring with him a little more.

i'll get a better chance though on our next outing as our second fastest rider can't make it and i'll be riding in his group. i usually end up quickest in the 3rd (out of 4) group, so i think i'll be amongst at least a few of my speed, the rest no doubt will be going past fast :-)

goin left maybe turn 2, dunno. probably going into turn 4 and then more turn 4, goin up the straight (a little more grunt would be nice) and mostly likely turn 9. this is the coolest toy!

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