Sunday, November 05, 2006

another mind blowing weekend.

admittedly the weather wasn't the finest. but i rate my weekends on how i experience them. not on the weather.

the weather was kinda crap. we joined the boat friday arvo. it was overcast and a little cool. as we tendered out to the boat we noticed that the visibility was better than it had been for the last 6-ish weeks, which was very encouraging.

the forecast wasn't the best though. ese swell, 1 to 1.5 metres and southerly breezes. on saturday we managed some nice diving on the north side of bowen island. after washing up the lunch dishes i got in for a cruisy little dive through the nursery. nothing very exciting. some big wobbegongs, blue groper, a large eastern king wrasse, and an even larger blue morwong, or some other kind of big swimming fishy thing.

the customers seemed to be enjoying themselves though. which wasn't surprising. this group is the coolest. everyone enjoys themselves.

which turned out to be a bonus, because the first sunday dive was a shitfight. i had to aid to divers in distress. scuba can be very insidious. a couple of the divers wanted to go down our descent line, but the wind was pushing us too fast and we weren't anchored. they got into grief and if you breathe short and fast on scuba, it's like an, um, thingy that gets worse and worse.

so i ended up at the bottom of the ladder, up to my arse and armpit deep in cold salt water dragging people up the ladder. oh well, it was cold and rainy anyway. i was always gonna end up cold and wet. got to see humpback whales flapping their tailfins and flukes, and listen inb to a rescue where neither the rescuers or rescuerees had the vaguest idea on how to use the radio, which is a bit of a worry when the radio is the tool you are using to convey distress but the rescueree and deliver help, by the rescuer.

ever seen the "dad's army" telly show? wellit kinda reminded me of that.

but, they have a good boat, and they were very slick with getting the stricken yacht under control, and it's very easy to cast stones and be critical. pity they sounded so clueless over the radio.

oh well. they got the job done

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