Thursday, November 02, 2006

after spending the last two days watering the lawn (sorry people who are drought stricken) as my grass was dying and the bindies were flourishing, now it's raining.

oh well. at least if it's raining that means i can't mow or weed the lawn. although i don't mind weeding the lawn. it's very relaxing. you pick a square metre of lawn, and get a beer, then you pull out anything that isn't grass, after a couple of beers, you stop.

next step, working out what to do with the bbq. i got the bbq plate for this house back from my brother, and a bbq ring thingy which you can use for cooking pots and stuff on. so i've been scrubbing rust and rubbing in oil. got a little ways to go. but i had a steak on it last night that didn't poison me.

gonna be a big summer. bring it on

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