Saturday, October 21, 2006

we're going back to wakefield park, early november. i like it there. but it's hard work. but perhaps it's showing me what i need to be doing at eastern creek and phillip island. if i work as hard at either of those two tracks as i do at wakefield, then i'll either be going a lot quicker, or i'll be a lot more unco than normal.

but i really need to get a whole lot smoother. fast and smooth. and gotta work out what to do with my knees. the way i'm riding at the moment they touch down while hugging the fairing, i've gotta move my arse around differently and have my legs next to a thinner part of the fairing. Dirk was right, my knees do stick out too much, i hug the wrong part of the fairing. so it's time to go slower again :-)

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