Sunday, September 10, 2006

my parents have a bbq most sundays. when i was 21-ish my mum said she wanted to start a family tradition. which is often mum's way.

it wasn't hugely popular at first. sundays were, like every afternoon and, from friday arvo to monday morning, adventure time. but then there were wives and kids, a few years on and the sunday bbq's are hugely popular.

sometimes it's a good excuse when i've got the kids to take them there so i can relax and know they'll be amused. i rarely go if i don't have the kids. but then, if i don't have the kids on the weekend, chances it means i'm working anyway.

i wish i got on this well with my ex-wife when i was married. we have the perfect flexible arrangement for looking after the kids. whenever i'm not working on the weekend, the kids can come over, if they want to, if she hasn't organised something else. if she wants to go out or has something on, she asks if i can have the kids. if i can rearrange my weekend to have the kids then i do. if i can't have them, then i say i can't, it's cool. if i can, then i do. i've tried to make myself available whenever i can.

i feel a little selfish though. she thinks i do it because i want to help her. but i'm doing it for me, i love those kids and want them over all the time.

anyway, back where i was going. having the family over on sundays. when i was 21, it was the most boring idea in the world. but i'm starting to understand the attraction. this weekend my house was busy. really busy. usually there's just me and occasionally the kids. this weekend i had the kids, son's girlfriend for a while, her dad for a bit too, ex wife made a few appearances, busy busy.

at first i thought it was like this dive club i'm a part of. it's pretty cool. but no, it's cooler than that. i'm not much for sitting around talking, it bores me stupid, but i found myself sitting around, yacking to people and enjoying it.

i'm not making much sense, but i love having people around. now to bring back a bit more adventure on my weekends as well

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