Monday, September 25, 2006

i am on the cusp. i can feel it. the world is moving and it's not gonna take no for an answer.

Dirk is going to vietnam to teach english (heh, my money says he'll teach the locals how to fix their scooters). Hooch's life seems to be fast and furious, Nic (who's blog is off the air, hope all is good doll) seems to be fairly busy.

but really its a feeling of change. that zoo trip really woke me up. and then today when i collected the mail, i had two letters from my sponsor kids. one in bangadesh and one in chile.

every now and then i reach epiphany, or enlightenment. which may, or may not be perfectly true. i usually reach this state after at least 6 beers, whilst in the correct frame of mind. this is probably the third or fourth time, and only once while sober. so i dunno if that complies with the requirements for enlightenment, but i don't really give a shit.

some religions refer to a heaven, but you've gotta leave this world to reach it. my heaven is on this world. sure, there's a lot of people who don't experience it. and i reckon this country is pretty damned cool, but i've seen some other cool countries that are almost this good. but my little moments of heaven lately (apart from diving in malaysia) have involved the kids. watching them and being involved while they experienced something so cool as the exotic beautiful animals at taronga zoo. while it did have a cost, paying money to have fun wasn't the object, it was the kids (and me) interacting with some extraordinary people and the animals they care for that really did it for me.

maybe i've just got spring fever. but i really feel alive. (ok, and a lil drunk as well hehehehe)

a friend of mine has just had her first child, a baby daughter, my kids are healthy and happy, my eldest is just about to finish year twelve, some other ladies at work are just about to have children, a dive shop is screaming for me to drag unsuspecting customers to dive sites, the weather is good, damn, i dunno. but i have this feeling. life is just about to accelerate.

wouldn't be dead for quids. hehehehe. ok, i've gibbered around in circles, and Grandma's clock is bonging, it's time for bed. i wonder what is next

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