Monday, September 18, 2006

the god of speed. who is he? what is his name? would it be Mercury? swift footed messenger of the gods. a quick google says maybe so, or perhaps Hermes, his greek equivalent, who to me, appears to be the more mischievious, although wikipedia refers to Mercury's volatility.

i watched the movie "the world's fastest indian". i didn't know what to expect, and didn't have great expectations, which maybe is why i loved it so much. so i bought the book. Tim Hanna's "one good run, the legend of Burt Munro".

i'm only 16 pages into it, and enthralled already. it's a frikking good yarn.

i'm gonna have to stop swearing on here i've decided. not because i might offend someone's sensibility (i feel fairly sure that anyone who bothers reading this is about as relaxed as i am) but because i get 2-3 hits a day for people googling for "fish ar5e". sometime last year i put up one of my crappy photos of a fish swimming away, appropriately titled, and have been receiving hits ever since. i'm not sure what they are looking for, but their search terms have me worried.

it was my soccer club's trip away last weekend, and true to form, it was off to rosehill for a day at the horse races. unfortunately, as i was trying to leave for sydney on saturday morning, i got called into work. i ended up arriving at the race course at about 3pm. had to park about a kilometre from the hotel, and the entire team was as merry as the seven dwarves in a goldmine.

i settled in and listened to the yarns, one of the lads thought he'd backed a winner which paid $2000, or maybe he had just spun the team along. he was apparently crying from laughter after one of the other lads tried to collect and failed, calling him a frigging idiot when he returned. another lad won big, then started betting $200 a time, went $3000 up before calling it quits, still $1500 ahead.

i went better than last year, i only bet 3 times, so i only lost 3 times.

mum said i should bet on the horse with the yellow blanket. the first time i bet on both horses with yellow, but they came 3rd and 6th, then i bet on one horse with a yellow blanket, and the other stupid yellow horse won, while the last one with the yellow blanket musta been carrying a picnic basket and an esky as well as he was dead last.

the talent was very nice though. at least 50% of the ladies had short, skimpy, almost see through dresses, tiny undies and no bras. my sister unfortunately burst the bubble for me. she'd been on the boat. she said it was terrible, hardly any guys to look at, and the weather was so good that all the chickies had been in bikinis all weekend.

gah. rotten woman...

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