Friday, August 11, 2006

well i'm home and i'm happy.

happy to be home, but i had a great holiday. i've had to revise my opinions of countries of the world as well. up until now the turkish people were, in my opinion, the friendliest i'd met. i've had to bump them down to second place as the malaysian people are, amazingly, even friendlier.

got some stories, and got some photos, but i'll get around to it :-)

i learned a lot more about geography than i knew as well. which wasn't particularly difficult as i know very little.

i spent a whole bunch of time hanging around in airport lounges, waiting for flights, trying to spend my malaysian ringits before bringing them home.

if you ever wanna go diving in malaysian borneo, i thought the kapalai resort was frigging awesome. we dived a bit at sipadan, another nearby island called mabul (for which i can't find a decent link but it was cool anyway) and around the kapalai resort.

friends of ours caught up with us there. they weren't content just to dive where we were, they went to layang layang and won a photo competition which gives them a holiday and a heap of equipment as well, then after diving with us they were heading to another resort i can't remember the name of.

now i'm home i've got a double header for soccer this weekend. i've done nothing for nearly two weeks except dive, eat, drink and sleep, lost another notch on my damned belt and i'm gonna be struggling.

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