Thursday, August 24, 2006

ok, crap pics:

a seal and friend . i managed to chop the tail off this one but i liked the effect of the diver in the background.

a colourful ascidian which i mostly like because it's actually in focus.

there were lots of fat port jackson sharks around the place. lots of eggs too after being laid. and a shovelnose shark or shovelnose ray, i can't remember which. little buggers didn't like me taking pictures of them very much so mostly i got pics of them swimming away.

the pregnant port jackson was on a night dive. i might give up solo night diving for a while as i managed to give myself the heebie jeebies. well in the very least, i might wait for the other night divers to get in. i was getting out as they were getting in. if i'd been a bit more relaxed i'd have been getting out when they were.

i didn't realise i had a slight current pushing me along. so when i stopped to take a picture of a big wobbegong shark under a rock, the current kept gently pushing me forward. i thought i was just being unco. and once you've got the seeds of doubt planted, then you might as well give up and get out cause i spent the entire last half of the dive looking over my shoulder and breathing like a train.

unfortunately our main cook, who i usually dive with, has gone off to manage one of the local dive shops. she won't solo dive at night anymore either. she scared the crap out of herself (although she had a buddy at the time) when a grey nurse shark started swimming directly at her torch. she turned it off hoping that it would turn away, but then she was in the dark with a shark and didn't know where it was hehehehe so she turned it back on.

i'll have to video her telling the story one day. it had us in stitches! her buddy is a pretty cool customer, but when she caught up with him and started trying to tell him what happened underwater, he thought she was having a panic attack, so they came up. they were getting close to the end of the dive anyway.

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