Tuesday, August 29, 2006

just been watching one of my all time favourite movies. the mean machine

sometimes i think that if i could come back as anything, i'd like to be a professional football player. that's soccer for all you heathens. whilst on holidays i read Pele's book. ignore the rest of the crap on the page. i found the book a really good read. an interesting insight into one of the world's most famous players.

but then, i've got a short attention span. if i was any good at it, i'd probably give up after a while. unless i had a good team. and i don't mean a successful team. just a good one. like the bunch of idiots i play with. they are the coolest. we celebrate, win lose or draw. and we don't pull any punches. abuse is handed out to those who screwed up, didn't pass, saved penalties and scored goals.

in any case, i'm completely over my job. not over as in over the top and completely in control. over as in completely past the exciting bit and dunno where to go next. obstacles and problems are mounting up faster than i can solve them. and if i ask for more staff, yeah right...

i'm having problems working out my priorities. i have a house i want to buy, and i like the money from the job, but i hate the pressure and the stupid, endless, mindless, sideways jumping craziness that is information technology. everyone wants everything yesterday but they don't know what they want, except they want the latest stupid toys and never consider for an instance the consequences. everything today, nothing tomorrow. a thousand blodged up kooky fucking solutions and tomorrow some silly prick (me) has to support them.

oh, now you want me to consolidate the servers. we have too many. fuck me dead. why can't we have simple solutions? i like simple solutions. the more complex fucked up crap we create, the harder it gets.

dribble dribble dribble, moan moan moan. i'd change my life to diving, but i'm afraid i'd hate it. i'd rather hate what i do for money and enjoy what i do on weekends. but i could live with hating my job a little less

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