Sunday, August 27, 2006

do you know what i love about my life? (bear in mind it's sunday arvo, i've had a great weekend and i'm gissed as a pit)

i love it all. i love my kids, i love my family, i love my friends, and all the nice people who bounce through my life. there is nothing more important to me than beautiful people. not vogue beautiful or the horror-head models who walk the catwalk, but the people who smile and love to live.

i'm not a god botherer, but i really like the beautiful place that is the earth. (who would call a world dirt?) and i the interesting people who populate it.

my weekend? action, busy-ness, giggling with the crew, blue water, swell, cool customers who travel the world seeking fun, late nights, gentle rolling swells rocking you to sleep, early mornings (bleah) more blue waater, stinky seals, sun, breeze, relaxing and waiting, spinning yarns and motoring, before back and unloading.

some of our customers had problems equalising, or equipment problems. we dealt with them all and tried to make sure our customers had the most chance to spend time in the water having a groovy time.

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