Sunday, July 30, 2006

well, bags packed (well nearly), you wouldn't believe the tiny bag i've stuffed all my scuba shit into. two bags and hand luggage. my loungeroom looks like a bomb went off. well that's a normal look, so whatever. bags packed, washing done, house kinda tidy, virtual pets catered for (well i am a profesional computer geek). holidays here i come

up at sparrow fart tomorrow to go up to the big smoke to get on the big bird of freedom. probly don't have any intermanet access, but i'll stock up on shitty novels at the airport so that'll keep me going. plus they've got beer there. so i'll live.

caught up with Dirk, on his intrepid southern voyage. hope the voyage goes well dude.

avagoodone groovy people. catchyas on the flip side

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