Saturday, July 29, 2006

oh lord it's hard to be humble
when i'm pissed in every way
i can't stand to look in the mirror
cause this pissed idjit keeps gettin in the way (errr that'd be me)

to know me is to love me
i must be a hell of a man
and lord it's hard to be humble
but i'm doin the best that i can

i used to have a girlfriend
but i guess that she couldn't compete
with the strange alcoholic wierdo
who keeps dribbling when he speaks (heh me again, subtitles for the slow)

some folks say that i'm a fruitloop
but i don't even know what to say
i guess it has something to do with the way
that i attract all the wierd gays

(disclaimer: some of my best mates are gay. they're the ones that tell me the grossest gay jokes. some of my mates are kiwis, they tell me jokes about aussies and sheep. if this offends you then here's a bridge, get over it. otherwise, fuck off)

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