Saturday, July 29, 2006

maybe there should be a commandment. um except i'm not a christian. oh well, it can be a commandment for atheist, potentially spiritualist, bloggers. though shalt not blog whilst pissed.

screw that, it'd take all the fun out of it. plus you wouldn't point and giggle

it's been an interesting week. coupla days at work, deluged by shit. another coupla days at home with the flu, conjunctivitis and herpes from hell. you coulda cast my lips with a full part in frankenstein.

back today, trying to tie up some loose ends before 2 weeks off. going diving in borneo. (which is apparently a part of malaysia, had this trip planned for 12 months, only knew where i was going for the last 3). started on time, almost, 8:35-ish, finished 8:00pm. more tomorrow and sunday, in between wogball and victory beers (or consolation beers, or beers you drink when you have a draw, or beers for the match being called off....)

life, be out of it hehehehe. only joking. go hard. do everything, try everything, go broke trying everything, live life. arrive at the end in a screaming wreck (yes, you've all seen the quote and i got it wrong, so sue me)

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