Sunday, July 02, 2006

6:00am, the alarm goes off. and i'm thinking why is that fucking thing going off, and then i'm like "ohhh" party last night, drunk, a friend of mine is running a dive shop and asked if i'd work for her today. damn. i'm an idiot.

so i drag myself out of bed and have a shower. it's not working, i haven't had enough sleep. i'm either hungover or still pissed. maybe both.

where are my seasick tablets. gah! so i pack the car and drive all over town trying to find tablets. no luck. i ring Suzie (new dive shop manager) and she says no worries, she's got tablets and a personalised staff cap for me. crap, there goes my perfect excuse. so i drag myself to the shop and try to get my shit together. they have the coolest couch, power nap and go again.

but finally we get moving, it's a beautiful winter's day diving, 30+ metres visibility, fantastic. a really great day.

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