Wednesday, July 05, 2006

10:30pm is not the ideal time to find out that the regular scheduled backups of one of your servers haven't been running. not they've been running and failing, which would have shown up, but just not running at all.

after multiple repair and restore attempts (which all failed as badly as before) and going for the big stick (the full backup) i was really hoping at that stage that it was there. my heart rate peaked and my blood pressure probably did whatever blood pressure does when you're freaking out.

you get a lot of time to reflect on shitty career choices while waiting for servers to rebuild.

fortunately not a lot of things have changed on this server, and we had a backup that was a month old that saved us.

it's been a very painful 24 hours. next time someone on the tech support desk in malaysia tells one of my techs to "just update a driver and reboot", i think that it'll happen a little more carefully.

note to self: be more hands on. spread yourself thinner. don't melt down

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