Sunday, July 30, 2006

well, bags packed (well nearly), you wouldn't believe the tiny bag i've stuffed all my scuba shit into. two bags and hand luggage. my loungeroom looks like a bomb went off. well that's a normal look, so whatever. bags packed, washing done, house kinda tidy, virtual pets catered for (well i am a profesional computer geek). holidays here i come

up at sparrow fart tomorrow to go up to the big smoke to get on the big bird of freedom. probly don't have any intermanet access, but i'll stock up on shitty novels at the airport so that'll keep me going. plus they've got beer there. so i'll live.

caught up with Dirk, on his intrepid southern voyage. hope the voyage goes well dude.

avagoodone groovy people. catchyas on the flip side

Saturday, July 29, 2006

maybe there should be a commandment. um except i'm not a christian. oh well, it can be a commandment for atheist, potentially spiritualist, bloggers. though shalt not blog whilst pissed.

screw that, it'd take all the fun out of it. plus you wouldn't point and giggle

it's been an interesting week. coupla days at work, deluged by shit. another coupla days at home with the flu, conjunctivitis and herpes from hell. you coulda cast my lips with a full part in frankenstein.

back today, trying to tie up some loose ends before 2 weeks off. going diving in borneo. (which is apparently a part of malaysia, had this trip planned for 12 months, only knew where i was going for the last 3). started on time, almost, 8:35-ish, finished 8:00pm. more tomorrow and sunday, in between wogball and victory beers (or consolation beers, or beers you drink when you have a draw, or beers for the match being called off....)

life, be out of it hehehehe. only joking. go hard. do everything, try everything, go broke trying everything, live life. arrive at the end in a screaming wreck (yes, you've all seen the quote and i got it wrong, so sue me)

oh lord it's hard to be humble
when i'm pissed in every way
i can't stand to look in the mirror
cause this pissed idjit keeps gettin in the way (errr that'd be me)

to know me is to love me
i must be a hell of a man
and lord it's hard to be humble
but i'm doin the best that i can

i used to have a girlfriend
but i guess that she couldn't compete
with the strange alcoholic wierdo
who keeps dribbling when he speaks (heh me again, subtitles for the slow)

some folks say that i'm a fruitloop
but i don't even know what to say
i guess it has something to do with the way
that i attract all the wierd gays

(disclaimer: some of my best mates are gay. they're the ones that tell me the grossest gay jokes. some of my mates are kiwis, they tell me jokes about aussies and sheep. if this offends you then here's a bridge, get over it. otherwise, fuck off)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

an absolutely frikking awesome weekend.

organised a day off for friday so i could go to the snow with some mates. up at 4:00 for a 5:00am start. after hiring some gear and getting our shit together we hit the slopes. perisher snow resort was severly lacking slow. we had some fun though. left the explorers and hard chargers, and just had some fun on the easy stuff.

saturday we decided to try something different and went to thredbo. first time there, so i didn't know what to expect. the runs are longer, the first run we did was call the supertrail i think. it was pretty cool. smooth, wide, not many people, fast and flowing. great for building your confidence on the first run of the morning. headed across to the cruiser i think, which was more off the same. lots of fun, easy, fast and wide. then we went exploring and a couple got left behind. they had the best day. they kept on the same rides, while we went and found some shitty, icy, sludgy, grassy runs. ah well. gotta be in it to win it, and hindsight is always 20-20.

on friday one of the guys who came up with me managed to damage his knee, doing a jump for the camera. he knew the camera was there and tried harder, landed hard, no more for him this weekend. in my opinion his mistake was landing on the board. i usually land on my head or my arse.

so we decided we'd go home on sunday as the snow was crap, and one of our mates was out of action. so we got up early, drove home, dropped off my mates, and joined my beer drinking, soccer playing team for a catch up game. and we managed to win 4-1. fucking groovy. we didn't play our best game, but we outplayed them. some snarky shit early on, until the ref finally woke up and got things under control. i don't care if you make the right or wrong decision, just make one and let us get on with it. if we're relying on ref decisions to win, we're not playing good enough to win.

but today we played good enough to win, and it feels great. might need another fizzeo appointment though. went for a 50-50 ball, missed the ball and kicked my opponent in the studs. ow. oh well, shit happens. i have no illusions about my ability :-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

thursday night, playing in the mud. it was a hard game. we won, 2-0, but it coulda gone either way, very hard, lotsa fun. slipping and sliding, falling over, and a coupla beers afterwards

now finally packed for the weekend. up at sparrow fart tomorrow to drive to the snow and have some more fun.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

fighting off the flu so i can go to the snow this weekend. not exactly promising. but at least if it's crap at the snow i'll just sit in a bar or something.

i'm sure that's a good rememedy for the flu...

(and yeah, not very loquacious at the moment. i need to drink more)

Friday, July 14, 2006

und jetzt, sind die Kinder gegangen (and now the kids are gone)

much as i love living alone, and i do love it. i cherish it. until a few months ago i'd never lived on my own. it's groovy.

but i love having the kids here. we understand each other almost as well as any other friends i have. i am very comfortable having them here. even more than any of my siblings. sure, i'm a pest to them, but i think they are comfortable here too.

the house is very quiet. love having them, love having time to myself. and so does their mum :-)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

well, halfway through a week off with the kids. it's nice and relaxing. sleeping in, no deadlines etc...

one has gone off today to visit his girlfriend, so his sister and i are veging out in front of "willy wonka and the chocolate factory". a bit too much singing for me, but i still like it. a few more days of laziness will pass all to fast, but i'm enjoying it while i can.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

10:30pm is not the ideal time to find out that the regular scheduled backups of one of your servers haven't been running. not they've been running and failing, which would have shown up, but just not running at all.

after multiple repair and restore attempts (which all failed as badly as before) and going for the big stick (the full backup) i was really hoping at that stage that it was there. my heart rate peaked and my blood pressure probably did whatever blood pressure does when you're freaking out.

you get a lot of time to reflect on shitty career choices while waiting for servers to rebuild.

fortunately not a lot of things have changed on this server, and we had a backup that was a month old that saved us.

it's been a very painful 24 hours. next time someone on the tech support desk in malaysia tells one of my techs to "just update a driver and reboot", i think that it'll happen a little more carefully.

note to self: be more hands on. spread yourself thinner. don't melt down

Sunday, July 02, 2006

6:00am, the alarm goes off. and i'm thinking why is that fucking thing going off, and then i'm like "ohhh" party last night, drunk, a friend of mine is running a dive shop and asked if i'd work for her today. damn. i'm an idiot.

so i drag myself out of bed and have a shower. it's not working, i haven't had enough sleep. i'm either hungover or still pissed. maybe both.

where are my seasick tablets. gah! so i pack the car and drive all over town trying to find tablets. no luck. i ring Suzie (new dive shop manager) and she says no worries, she's got tablets and a personalised staff cap for me. crap, there goes my perfect excuse. so i drag myself to the shop and try to get my shit together. they have the coolest couch, power nap and go again.

but finally we get moving, it's a beautiful winter's day diving, 30+ metres visibility, fantastic. a really great day.

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