Friday, June 02, 2006

winter is definitely upon us. day 1 and we were playing wog-ball in the rain. i think it's the first time since i left the southern tablelands that i've been cold while running around on the field. i managed to sub off for a while in the second half (unlimited interchange) then we scored a few times and started winning. (coincidence? i think not hehehe)

it was still fun though. winning or losing. the wet weather made it hard, the ball skipped and bounced wierd, exept in the middle, where it stopped dead. lots of missed passes. i tried to kick it up the sideline and managed to kick the ball in to an opponent's face. i copped an elbow in the ribs and my side hurts whenever i giggle. and being friday and in a stupid mood, i'm giggling a lot.

gotta learn how to do one of them slide-tackle thingies. and also how not to get got when someone else slide tackles me. we have a cricket pitch in the middle of our soccer field. at the start of the season it's usually not too bad, but a bit hard. after we play on it, it depends. now it's rained and been muddy, it'll turn into a big mud bath. when it's cold it'll be like an ice skating rink.

not working this weekend, the charter has been cancelled due to bad weather. on the bright side if it keeps on raining they'll take water restrictions off, but we'll be playing in the mud tomorrow, if we're even playing. find out tonight at soccer training

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