Saturday, June 17, 2006

well i'm starting to learn a few things about myself. there is a bit of mongrel left in an old bastard. i wish i was fit. but i just don't want it hard enough.

on the field i can keep up with fit, fast, young pricks, but i can feel the punishment. the fittest i ever was, was when i was about 24-25 i think. i'd play a game of soccer and not even feel the pain. run 90 minutes and not give a shit. i wasn't very fast. my younger (and fitter and more skillful, but he don't play anymore and i still do :-p ) brother could outrun me in his sleep. he was one of those annoying fucks. he could do anything. when we fought (just playing) he could kick me in the head and when he was about 19, him and one of his equally annoyingly quick mates, took out three fuckwit fourth reich bikies. they were kicking someone in a gutter and it rubbed them up the wrong way. dunno if the guy in the gutter was a good guy or a bad guy. they don't have it painted on their foreheads.

i turned up to watch my brother play a game of soccer when i was 30-ish. another mate i knew was there, talked me into playing summer soccer with them. my marriage was breaking down, and it was the priority (only i hadn't, and still don't, have a clue on how when it comes to people situations) so i gave up soccer again. with my usual lack of style and skill, my marriage plummetted in fucking flames, and i decided, or well life decided, to let loose and play and have fun. pity i didn't learn to let go when i was married. but at least i'm equally skilled at football and relationships. and that's no good thing hehehe

so i played summer soccer, and started grade again as well. christ it hurt. i was training with some really fit and fast little young pricks. but it was really fun. about halfway through the season i finally got fit enough to play a whole game in the halves. i could run as fast as our quickest players, although i then needed a lot longer to recover. the next season i was less fit. and so on. got old enough to play over 35's, and thought i'd be laughing. only they are all "has beens", while i'm a "never was". i learn more playing with these pricks than i ever learned before. no matter how much i screw up, they still pass me the ball. in 3rd grade, they have yet to achieve this level of enlightenment.

oh yeah, where i started. it hurt like a bastard, but i was faster than ever.

now it hurts more, and i'm not as fast, but i'm too stupid and too much of a mongrel to give up. gym is boring. jogging is insanely boring. the ultimate training for me is to play a couple of games a week. i want to be fit, but i am completely unable to go to the gym and train on a treadmill, or go jogging, or bike riding. gimme a team fulla guys and make us work, i'm there.

this little prick i was marking today (i was fullback) heard me breathing heavy, and he sarcastically said to me, "having trouble keeping up with me?". i just replied "hell i have trouble keeping up with everyone". he started working me like a striker should, side to side, but he's got a ways to go, and then he subbed off. i really shoulda replied "heh, i'm twice your age, are you having trouble getting away?". but i don't care. i don't do confrontation, but i love a physical challenge. these kids really push me. if only i can keep up this intensity. unfortunately this lad twisted his knee and we had to carry him off. i reckon he'll do ok at this game, he's quick and has half a brain, he just needs a little experience. they beat us 2-0. it was kinda like over 35's. they had about 4 shots, 2 went in. we had about 20...

ahh well, shit happens. it was fun

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