Monday, June 12, 2006

well despite playing thursday night (i think we won), saturday (got our arses handed to us) and today (we won convincingly), i'm not feeling too shabby. a coupla beers and i feel like a million dollars, well maybe about 1100.

on saturday we played the local koori team. and we probably played the best we've played all year. kept them to 2-2 just after half time. sloppy wet conditions, it was raining on and off reasonably heavily and despite two goals, they were pushing us pretty hard and we were making some mistakes. played hard, a few tense moments on the field, but you get that. coupla lads on both sides kept the tempers checked and afterwards it was all good. woulda been nice to beat them, but they are coming first and we're dead last.

the last time we played the team we played today we lost convincingly. we blew away some chances, they were fitter, and took advantage of their chances, while we lost our cool and after 2 red cards ended up with only 9 players. today we were boosted by a couple of over 35 players. we put one in as sweeper which free'd up on of our lads who belongs up front. we had a bit better depth in defense, although i'd love to have just one more fullback with a clue. a couple of the lads you have to be careful who you get them to mark. which is pretty much what they do to me in over 35's, they don't let me mark anyone with skill :-) one of our slower but much more experienced lads looks after their key striker.

we also had one of the over 35's halves. he is easily fit enough to stay on the whole game, but chose to sub himself off often to keep our regular players going. we put him in as striker for a while as well, which meant he was bossing me around a fair bit. but i don't mind. i'd much rather a striker with a big mouth telling me where he wants me.

we ended up winning 5 or 6 to 1. played well, and despite some nervousness, started playing as a team and kicking to our teammates. i managed a few headers which actually went where i wanted them to go, one day i'll learn to keep my eyes open.

now for a nanna nap before aust vs japan

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