Saturday, June 24, 2006

today has been a good day. however, despite the result, i reckon it still woulda been a good day.

we'll start with the wog-ball. Croatia, like us, were plagued with poor refeering decisions. it's a sad state of affairs when the referee's ability to award free kicks determines the course of the game, but i guess when both we and the Croatians are such physical sides, free kicks are going to be awarded and set plays will play their part.

i thought we dominated the first half. much like my over 35's side. all posession, 3 milllion shots, no goals. the second half the croations were awake and we were not. poor passes, stupid errors. but then, i'm an amateur, and they are professionals, and they won the day. Harry Kewell totally redeemed himself in my eyes with a nice performance, but i thought kept the ball a little long when he coulda passed. While Mark Viduka also played well and passed the ball when he shoulda taken the fucking chance. however, remember, i'm an amateur, i know nothing, and they got away with it.

i was on the edge of my seat. rotten pricks.

in my completely ignorant opinion, we let relationships and pressure get in the way. against Brazil we played beautiful football, unrestrained and lovely to watch. against Croatia we allowed ourselves to play their game and had to work harder. it was a nice game to watch though. when i allowed myself to forget the scoreline and the consequences of the result, i enjoyed watching the challenge and the way both teams lifted themselves to achieve.

i'm sorry Croatia didn't make it, and i'm happy we did. i'm unhappy that such a terrible performance by a referee (again) has left the result clouded by doubt. i hope the game against Italy is better, and of course that we win.

but i will always remember the telecasts and news stories of the aussies and brazilians partying together as their teams played. that is the sort of sportsmanship that inspires me. play hard and fair, and celebrate the result, win, lose or draw. there is always enough beer...

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