Tuesday, June 20, 2006

randomn crap from my last few days

i've been in the big smoke for a few days. reinforcing why i don't live there. traffic, overload, squashiness.

well that’s not actually why I was there. I was learning a few things about my trade. learning again that i don't know enough about what i do for a crust.

they did a bit of a mini quiz, and i managed to score 3rd out of our class of 9. but i think that was more because i know how to play multiple choice, than knowing the subject matter. for being third i managed to get a set of logitech headphones for my computer. i'm happy with that. logitech invents, and everyone else copies. isn't plageurism the ultimate compliment?

there were two chinese people in the row in front of me. unfortunately they didn't speak any english, however they must have been able to read it quite well. plus i think they had more experience in our field than me. it was obvioius in the labs that they knew what was going on. plus they were polite and nice and i thought they were ok.

i did have a naughty humour moment though. we had network gear on each of our desks, and they were sitting in front of us, for us to connect to the rest of the class, we had to go through their network switch. during one of the practical labs they accidently reset their switch without saving their configuration. which was when the rest of the class learned how to save their configuration. we thought we knew, but we didn't.

for the rest of the class we were unable to connect. it didn't have a very big influence on our pracs, but i was thinking of that advertisement i've seen on telly, some dude was driving with his son and the son asks why the great wall of china was built, and the dad replies that it was built to keep the rabbits out. i loved that. for the rest of the class i was thinking that i was a rabbit and the great wall of china was keeping from my lab :-)

our instructor was malaysian, spoke english, malaysian, chinese and no idea what else. i wish i coulda explained my joke to him. he had a great sense of humour. he woulda got a kick out of it :-)

5:00am start for sydney tomorrow, in the office thursday, sydney again friday. well at least life isn't boring. as soon as i learn how to earn this much dough water skiing, diving, surfing and snowboarding i'll be a happy camper. bring it on

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