Thursday, June 08, 2006

over 35's wog-ball tonight. we won, but it wasn't easy. we've managed to lose against the two lowest placed teams, but win or draw against all others. this mob we played tonight were easily the fittest. got about 3 players just turned 35, and a coupla older guys who are fit and fast.

i'm still feeling the pain from an elbow in the ribs last thursday, dunno if i have a cracked rib or just bruising (getting old hehehe) but some prick hit me there again tonight. goddamn! (which is not exactly what i said at the time).

my ankle is still strapped, and i'm hitting the frikking ball even worse than usual. i cannot wait to get the strapping off, or get half a clue how to do it properly. it's so restrictive. fortunately the god of idiots-who-play-soccer musta had a few beers tonight, and he made sure that some of the poxier passes i tried actually went to a team mate. not the one i was aiming at, but at least one of MY teammates. my left foot was working though, hit a few nice ones.

the good bit about being clueless, is that everyone tells me what to do, they call for the ball, i've always got lotsa options. unlike playing with the young buggers on the weekend. with over 35's everyone wants the ball, everyone runs to space, everyone has a clue (apart from me) and no matter how much i fuck up, they still pass it to me!

the bad bit is sometimes i get two players telling me conflicting things. oh well. shit happens.

a fun time was had by all, and a few cleansing lagers afterwards

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