Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ok, yeah, it's as boring as a hatful of arseholes here at the moment.

lacking inspiration, nothing exciting going on. but you get that.

i can't complain about work all the time. i do enough of that at work.

and yeah, i do work for the cancel. i nearly punched out one prick at the pub once (well, ok, insert "started a fight and got my head punched in" instead of "punched out") when someone gave me the classic response to me saying where i worked. normally i just grin or send a sarcastic remark back about dole bludgers or whatever occupation the tormentor belongs to, but that time i'd had a shit day, was in a shit mood and he annoyed the shit outta me.

so i did the next best thing. i bored the prick shitless about how hard i work, i've worked in private enterprise, etc.. etc... yadda yadda yadda. his eyes glazed over so quick you wouldn't believe.

i should know better, but some days, when more shit than normal has hit the fan, or the boss is being particularly ignorant, well i guess i'm human too.

after reading the article that Dirk referred to the other day, i think i just need to let more shit out. maybe i should go hunting again, or, my personal favourite, more ride days at eastern creek.

my little work subaru bops up and down the mountain here quite nicely (ok, it's not a mountain, its a hill, but it's a nice windy stretch or road), but you've gotta really buzz it hard to get any kinda, um, oomph or whatever. i'm in the process of buying a house, so another road bike is outta the question, and that definitely would give oomph. you don't even need to go hard. it's like surfing, when you're doing it, you're thinking of nothing else. and that's what i need. some kinda diversion, hard and fast, lets your brain go and frees your soul.

ahhh, i'm just venting. summer will come back, we'll go skiing (i frikkin hope) a few more ride days, we're talking about doing an endurance round at wakefield park, now that should really buzz. but i like the format. i think it's 5 hours, our fast rider does an hour, our next fastest rider does an hour, i do an hour, then the other two do two hours trying to catch up again. bring it on

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