Friday, June 30, 2006

oh, before i forget it. a few memories from this lunch thingy in sydney. there was this union guy, nick far jones or something. he was really cool. they wanted him to talk about union, but we'd just had a draw with croatia in the wog-ball. so he talked about that instead. out comes the next guy, he's a league guy, james someone or other, he's the paramatta coach or something i think. a little less positive than the nik-far-jones character, but he was pretty cool. talked about the positives of life. like, his last state of origin he lost, and at the time he was gutted, but looking back, he'd reached the pinnacle he reckoned. he'd reached the peak and had a great career. so rather than concentrate on the downs, he took the ups. and they'd just recently beaten souths, so that was an up as well :-)

next dude was an afl guy. i think he was heading for some kind of goal kicking record, so his mates said they'd make a bet. whoever stormed the field and got to him first would win the bet. so he talked to the authorities and they seemed to be behind it. they encouraged him to spread the word. so it went out by word of mouth, radio, intermanet etc...

only the authorities changed their minds. and security got beefed up. his two mates saw the extra security, so rather than give up (cause they had a bet on who'd reach him first) they split up and moved to opposite ends of the field in order to have the best chance.

he scored the goal and they stormed the field. can't remember who he said got there first. but they were the only two idiots to go. i think they mighta reached him together. in any case, they both got kicked outta the stand. at the third break thingy he's feeling a bit bad so he rings them up. they're at a pub down the road. he's thinking how he can get them back in or recompense them. his mate says hey! we were on tv! did you see us?! we were on tv!

oh fuck,i have just seen the coolest thing ever. sbs. these mad dudes in ireland, got the maddest surf spot. i gotta go there and try that. got a coupla kids from the north and some from the south. some are one religion and some are another, but they're just kids. they chucked them all in the water and they went for it. apparently 3 days later their feet thawed out :-)

icicle grommets. go dude. like the kiwi surfing dudes. awesome. if they keep playing soccer and showing surfing, i think i'm gonna just leave the idiot box on sbs. it's groovy

the last speaker was a soccer guy. paul wade i think his name was. he was really cool too. told us some cool stories. i'll have to put my thinking cap on and attempt to tell one another time without screwing it up.

oh yeah, and the wog ball. argentina is always gonna be tough. and their game against mexico was a beautiful game. for both teams. but deutschland has been playing some very nice football. i never bet smart, but i want germany to win :-) i really like the way they've been playing and the way most of their country has embraced the game with the party spirit.

i think the lack of soccer violence and the love of the game is showing. it was quite depressing seeing how badly our fans were represented on the telly, but i reckon (and i hope) that they were only showing the worst and the other fans love the game enough to keep watching and enjoy it

hell, they've turned the berlin wall area into a beach! how cool is that

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