Sunday, June 25, 2006

i was watching a bit of the world cup the other day, as you do, and i thought i saw one of my mates. rotten prick is over there watchin the games. so i'm feeling a little jealous.

played two games this weekend. one of the lads says he's feeling old. he's 25. heh. got beaten reasonably convincingly (4-1, they only scored 3 times, but the last one was between our goalie's legs, so that counts for two) on saturday with our usual slow start. a consolation goal with about 30 seconds to go.

we played better today, but against an easier team. won 3-1 and despite all feeling like we were over forty (except for a couple of lads from my over 35's team who played for us as well, they felt like they were 35 again) we felt pretty good at the end. on saturday i went up for a 50-50 header and the rotten prick kneed me and gave me a beaut corked thigh. took me about 20 mins of running around today before it didn't hurt like a bastard. a couple of hours later, and i feel like i'm fifty. but a few beers later and all is nice and numb.

ain't dead yet though. being fit and not drinking would help a lot, pity about that

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