Friday, June 09, 2006

hair like jesus wore it, hallelujah i adore it.

when i was 18, and i started working for a living, i rebelled against my past. and in the true shallow fashion, i grew my my hair long. heh, i guess looking at the time, and looking at my old man's mates, that long hair wasn't so exciting, but at the time i just wanted to be different. in true unimaginative fashion, i started working weekends in about year 10, and after school finished, i just kept on goin.

at school i was the least. picked on, wimpy, easily intimidated, shit like that. and being of very little imagination, i grew my hair like a 3 season lost sheep. i wasn't vindictive though.

now i've got kids, when they get into trouble i think dark thoughts, but not then. a year after leaving school, labouring and growing a little, i really wish i'd run into my tormentors a few times. although then i really hadn't learned how to be a hard bastard so it probably woulda been wasted anyway. fit and strong, and as dumb as a hat full of arseholes.

then i went for short haired and respectable, well eventually anyway.

a bit older now, a bit of a spare tyre round the belly. a lot less fit than ever before, but more potential i think. when i started playing wog-ball again in my 20's i had better fitness, but i wasn't as fast, when i started again in my 30's i had more "arsehole". when i ran with them young buggers, i was fast, well at least for the first pass. i can do it again, just gotta be a harder bastard and run harder, and train harder.

aint dead yet

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