Friday, June 30, 2006

friday nite, and i'm home alone. kids aren't over, training ain't on, and i'm too pissed to play my computer game. so i'm watchin telly. flick flick flick, hmmm, looks interesting, nah it's shit, flick flick flick, ads, wait till they finish, big brother, bleah! flick flick flick.

the poms had the only reality tv show i'd watch. i think it was called superbike school or something like that. they talked a bit much and didn't show enough track stuff, but it was the right idea. wanna reality tv show that'd interest me, take a bunch of guys and girls (there are girl racers out there, and they ain't slow), put them on the track, and show the team and the riders and how they improve.

don't vote anyone off, or stuff around with stupid ego comments, get to the business end and have some fun with cool racing gear and top end suspension.

yes, another drunken blog entry. friday night in front of the idiot box. i'm sure i wasn't doing this last weekend. bring on summer. i need to work weekends for my sanity

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