Tuesday, May 23, 2006

you know, i don't disapprove of sydney. i think in some respects it's like america. (well to be more precise, the united states of northern america) there's a lot of dickheads in the world. and the bigger your population, the more dickheads you have. so there's more dickheads in america than over here.

but i work on a diveboat (when i'm trying to avoid my real job) and every now and then we have a few citizens from the usa onboard. we've got one guy who works in a diveshop in sydney and does camera courses. he's one of the nicest guys i've met, and the tourists from there are really nice too.

sorry, not trying to blow any smoke up the arses of the non-existent readers from the usa, just rambling.

back to my original bit. had to get up at 5:00 to leave for sydney this morning for a computer geek seminar. on the way in, traffic's a bit heavy. the majority of people are relaxing, listening to the shitty morning radio shows, and generally relaxed. but a few times i saw the whole beep beep, get outta my way, dodge around pedestrians walking with the little green man kinda shit.

on the footpath, people in a hurry, unhappy expressions, determined walk. and on the road, the same. stereotyping is a bad thing i'm sure.

heh, they've been whinging on the telly about people speeding in school zones. so they're saying "those fuckers! we'll fine the shit out of them!" only i'm sure that 1 in 10 didn't even know they were in a school zone. driving on the roads in sydney is information overload. you can change speed zones 3-4 times in a couple of hundred metres. and heaven forbid if you are parent or a concerned citizen, because looking around for the kids and busses and cars actually distracts you from the speed zone signage.

but some minister said that if you speed in school zones then you are cunt. what do i know. i'm sure that lady i saw on the telly getting booked the other day (and filmed on tellY) said "i'm gonna speed through this school zone and see if i can get me a kid for a bumper ornament!" before she started driving to work. NOT!

ask pilots about information overload. it's killed at least a few hundred passengers and their pilots. at least

wake up you silly pricks. i admit i don't have the answers. but neither do you. admit it. take some time, work out what the fuck is going on.

i dunno what social pressures are working in sydney, but driving on the roads up there is like jockeying for position on a racetrack, only less polite (a lot less).

all my coherent life (ok, that could well have begun tomorrow) i've been sure i don't want to live in sydney. it's full of unhappy cranky people. but if you don't focus on the one percent of fuckwits, then you get a nicer picture

(still don't wanna live there though!)

the usa has a similar picture in my mind. they have some of the most obnoxious, annoying, bigheaded, loudmouthed pricks in the world. but what if, just what if, they are a little like here, and the annoying idiots are just the stupid minority that the rest are embarrassed about. and let's be honest, i can't read spanish, or italian, or

deutsch, they could be just as bad.

why the fuck do i have to be tolerant?! it's not my turn!

oh yeah, i remember the other thing. i interact with yanks almost every day online. some are dumb, some are bright, some a gung ho and some are not. my dad reckons george shrub senior shoulda nuked iraq, i reckon the shrub senior and juniour have screwed up. intelligent debate over many schooners of beer i can deal with.

i can't remember where i was going with that. it's late, and i'm drunk.

i was just gonna say something annoying about Dirk but he's rejoined the land of the, um, online something-other-its, so it's all good. pissed bloggin. now to update Tony's link and i'll pass out

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