Sunday, May 14, 2006

well, seein as i'm completely stuck for crap to write about, i'll bore you with pics.

from our track day last week. turn 2 and turn 4.

i won't show the pics of the other two riders, partly because there's a big copyright thingo right in the middle of the picture as i didn't buy their pictures, and mostly because they are on the right part of the track, knee sliding along the deck, going much quicker.

i had to leave early, and on my way out i was watching our second quickest rider going from turn 4, through 5 and up to corporate hill. that is one of my favourite areas, and i monster all the guys in my group (ok, the slow group) going through there. our second rider is so much faster through there than me.

the guys want me to ride an endurance round with them, i really really need to get my shit together if i'm gonna do that or people are gonna be weaving all round the place to get round me

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