Friday, May 26, 2006

i've calmed down a bit, but i'm over today.

frikking fridays. they're no good until knockoff time

my boss obviously thought i was starting to get the hang of things again so he decided to see if he could get me to have a stroke. he told me that microsoft are coming next week.

so all manner of things are running through my head, audits, our yearly maintenance (which i'm not ready for). turns out our yearly maintenance may be changing slightly, hopefully with some cost breaks.

thats all nice and dandy. we spend a considerable amount of money of software licensing, and he's under pressure to save money. but i really really fricking wish that next time he decides to arrange a meeting like this, where i have to do a considerable amount of running around and panicking, when i'm already flat out from the other shit that constantly gets sprung on me, that he would give me a little bit of notice and consideration

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