Monday, May 22, 2006

it's a fair indication how you wake up on sunday morning, how good your saturday was.

i was a bit dazed, and there was a strange bucket next to the bed i don't remember seeing before. all the lights were on and i felt decidedly seedy. fortunately the bucket was just there as a precaution, and presumably the lights were left on so that the world didn't spin around too fast.

we had a great game on saturday. played like a team, won 6-0, and i didn't reinjure myself. although getting the strapping tape off was less than enjoyable. fortunately i took the physio's advice and shaved my ankle beforehand. nearly fell over in the shower in the process which could have been nasty.

so we went and celebrated. we like to celebrate, win, lose or draw. and during the wee hours of the morning, feeling decidedly wobbly, i decided i'd had enough.

i think i'm still recovering, i felt like crap all sunday, finally had a hair of the dog at about 6:30 to shut my liver up for a few hours.

i hate mondays

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