Tuesday, May 16, 2006


i hit snooze on the alarm a coupla times, trying to get a few extra zeds before getting up and getting ready for work, but the damned phone went off. it was a silent number so i figured "screw 'em" and let it go to message bank.

i'll paint the scene, it's 7:30, i start work at 8:30.

i review the message, and also have a look at my email (my poxy phone also gets email unfortunately) and someone from our comms section has sent me an email at 7:30 to say he'll be picking up some equipment at 8:00. he also rings me a coupla times as well.

this is not a good start to the day.

i thought he wanted the gear tomorrow. so of course, it's not ready. drag my sorry self out of bed and go to work and sort it out, with interruptions, deliver the gear, and skulk back to the office.

i wonder what i was meant to be doing

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