Friday, May 26, 2006

after my randomn drunken whinge, i thought i'd write something constructive, only i can't think of anything.

went to watch the state of origin wednesday night in sydney. it was a pretty good night. you could get full strength beer, and the lines weren't too long, and not too many idiots were sitting near us. a couple of teenagers in front of us were being a bit obnoxious to the queenslanders, so finally one of them tried to start a fight with him, and punched him in the mouth. so that was our annoying bit for the night. it was a bit predictable though.

a few minutes into the first half we'd finished our first two drinks, so it was time to get some more, typically as i was away from my seat we scored. i saw it on the telly, but it's not the same. when i got back they told me they'd scored right in front of where we were sitting.

i said i wonder if they'll do a replay for me. fortunately nsw obliged and scored again in the same place.

we then had to stuff around with public transport to get back to my mate's place. they were apparently leaving at 7:00am to drive to brisbane. i got up at 6:00am to drive home so i could go to work, and they were all still asleep and at least one hadn't packed at all.

last night was over 35's soccer. my physio says i can play with my ankle strapped up for the first 4 games. feels wierd though running around with all that tape on my ankle. we played ok, but we lost, but the beers were cold and i don't really care. which also meant we missed the wog-ball match in melbourne. there was a telly in the dressing shed at the game, but the reception was crap, and the results that came to us were, leading 1-0 at halftime, 1-1 at fulltime, then 1-0 at fulltime, and it snowed for the entire game. but then, it was played in melbourne i suppose.

friday is here, just gotta survive, get some crap done, and escape for the weekend.

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