Friday, April 07, 2006

well (in a vain attempt to distract you from bilge rat stuff) my week is certainly turning out interesting.

that's a curse i read in a book once. "may you be cursed to live in interesting times"

one of the dive shops/dive clubs from sydney that comes down here on weekends, told us they were going to have a slide night on diving in papua new guinea. well we overheard them telling their customers when they were on the boat. and one lucky person on the night would win a diving holiday on one of mike ball watersport's (no Hooch, not those watersports) liveaboard boats in png.

so we invited ourselves along and drove up after work on wednesday to join in. didn't win the trip unfortunately, but had a coupla drinks and enjoyed seein the outstanding slides by some very good underwater photographers. stayed overnight at a friend's house, then got up at sparrow fart (probably morning tea for Dirk) and drove to work.

on my way to work i get a call from the boss. he's driving to canberra for something or other. bored in the car so he comes up with all these bright ideas i should be doing and rings me up to add them to my list of things to keep me occupied. but i got to work to find broken network links and relative chaos. so none of his stuff got done.

still reeling in the aftermath today, a few problems have recurred, and not really achieving much. i'm hanging out for the weekend.

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