Wednesday, April 05, 2006

randomn drinking injuries

this'll have to be my boat story, it's not much to do with boats, although i was on a boat at the time.

seeing as i escaped early on friday night (well around 12:30) as i was stuffed after a big week, it was my turnto stay up saturday night with the customers while the boss went early to bed. then i could turn off the generator etc... when the customers all tired and went to bed.

after everyone returned from the night dive (a fair few of them went too. their navigation wasn't so crash hot though, they were popping up everywhere) we had a few quiet drinkies, then a few "crew behaving badly" drinkies, then a few noisy drinkies.

with less than even normal common sense, after a few vodka shots, and running out of cold beer (doh!) i figured i've have some vodka and lemonade drinks. i think they went down a bit quickly though, as by the time most of the people were in bed, i was seeing double and squinting out of one eye to see straight. eventually i told the chief tart (other crew member) that it was late enough that they (tart and remaining few customers) could keep drinking but i was turning off the generator. they didn't seem to mind too much, and turned on the low voltage lights and kept drinking and playing cards.

everything seemed to go well enough after that until the next morning. i woke up with a bandage on my elbow. i tried running through the night to work out what was going on. i'd shutdown ok, turned on the night lights and turned the tap so the water would flow for the dunnies, i even remember bandaging up my arm, but i've got no idea what i did to it. chief tart says she saw me leave for bed, then come back and tape myself up (with a bandaid and about a metre of elasto-plast, lucky i didn't give myself a torniquet), then i took off again.

i probably fell over on the upper deck or the stairs or something. good thing i didn't fall in the water i suppose.

i was fairly seedy the next morning, although still functional. nearly fell down a set of stairs but caught myself on a railing, feet dangling.

shoulda listened to my dad. he always told me to stick to beer and don't mix my drinks...

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