Saturday, April 29, 2006

heh, kids.

truths from my world.

1: referees never change their minds. no matter how much you argue and whinge. unfortunately there is an exception to this rule. it's called the incompetent referee. despite some referees who make incorrect decisions, the worst ref is the one who is able to be swayed by whinging.

disclaimer: i've been a ref. and as a ref goes, i'm more pathetic than most, but at least i know i'm hopeless.

so today. we're playing, actually we're playing well. having a great game. our opponents are playing well, it's all in the spirit and stuff. the ref makes a few incorrect decisions, but you get that. like, i'm running back with one of their forwards, i'm trying to shoulder the prick out of the way, i miss, i trip, and i end up rolling on my arse in front of him trying to get out of the way. i get a free kick. heh, for one of our free kick divers, milkers and oscar winning performers, they'd be happy. i'm embarrassed.

but we get a few decisions against us. whatever, shit happens. but some of our guys start yarping at the ref. every decision against us. on and on. and on. it's annoying. let's get on with it.

2: if you argue with the ref, swear at him, or the linesmen, especially if they are just kids, you will eventually get carded. hell, we're lucky to get linesmen, some can do offside, but some can't. argueing with the ref is a waste of time.

maybe the truths are the same.

i'm thinking of introducing something at training. for when you feel like yarping off at the ref. all you have to do is say, out loud "fuck the team, they can play with 10" or for the next idiot, 9

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