Saturday, March 04, 2006

well this week wasn't too bad. i actually feel like i'm starting to accomplish things at work. only now i'm not even sure if i'll be there at the end of the year. oh well. we shall see.

today i went to go to a fiftieth birthday party for a friend of mine. only to find out i was a week early. with the rest of the day free i decided to go for a surf with one of the kids, before mowing and doing the edges and crap like that.

tomorrow is a christening for one of my friend's kids. only i keep on getting the wrong word and telling everyone i'm going to a crucifiction. which is a pretty good indication that most of my exposure to religion and church stuff is from watching monty python's "the life of brian".

i'm sure i did other stuff this week, only for the life of me i can't remember what. obviously nothing very exciting though.

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